How to get the support of the school's management if they don't seem interested in the project?

It is important to know that they have a large amount of work to do. If you ask at the wrong time they might refuse. It is important to present your project so that the principal sees it as an opportunity and a source of dynamism. You should start by asking only for agreement to meet in a room monthly. It is advisable to have at least 2 students and 1 teacher. You will only require a place in the school board and the budget after having shown the usefulness of the project. The possibility of having the ecological certification (E3D) label will surely interest the principal of your school.

How often should you change the posters?

There are 2 types of posters: event posters and awareness posters. The event posters remain the week before D-day. Awareness posters can be permanent (e.g. "One, Two, TRI Viva l'écologie") or ephemeral (e.g. "Stop preconceived ideas about vegetarian diet"). The ephemeral posters remain about 1 month, it is advisable to plan an awareness campaign in parallel on your Instagram account. Don't forget to ask for permission to put up the posters.

Does the law require high schools to have green school representatives?

It is mandatory to have at least 2 green school representatives in the high school. "At a minimum, each middle school and high school will designate a parity pair of green school representatives per school from the 2019-2020 school year, that is to say 20,000 school representatives," according to the official bulletin of the French National Education system. The Ministry of Education advises one green school representative per class. Each high school is free to choose the details of the establishment of eco-delegates. At Berthelot high school in Toulouse, there are teams of 4 green school representatives per year.

How to mobilize more people?

At the beginning, communication is mainly done with the Instagram account shared by the other accounts of the school and the posters in the corridors. No need to wait until there are 40 delegates to act because it is by doing concrete actions that you will bring people together.

Then, you have to be present in the right place at the right time for effective communication. The day when the teachers come back to school after the summer holidays will allow you to talk about the project to all the teachers and the first day of the school year is the opportunity to go to all the "Seconde" classes. If you have time, you can go around the classrooms.

If there are only a few green school representatives, can we really register on behalf of the school or is it better to register individually ?

It all depends on the organization of your school. First, it is important to check with the administration to find out if there is a group of students who are committed to the ecological transition of your school. If so, it is best to consult with them to let them know about the site and ask for their approval to become the school's representative on the site.

This group can be a student association that is not exclusively dedicated to ecology, but rather to high school life in general as long as they wish to get involved in the school's ecological transition in their program. By this I mean that they wish to implement concrete actions.

This group can also be detached from the high school associations and not have an official status. Several motivated people getting together and making themselves known to the administration is enough. You can thus create this small group with motivated green school representatives.

You can therefore register in the name of your high school if no group currently exists and thus form your high school's eco-group. So, it is best to make yourself known to your administration so that if other students are motivated, they can join you. However, if you don't want to create a group but want to see what other high schools are doing without proposing any, it is better to register individually at least initially.

How often should meetings be scheduled?

Again, it depends on your situation and your desire to get involved. Here at Berthelot we have one meeting per month. We find that this rhythm makes it possible to maintain activity and move forward on the different projects without becoming oppressive (knowing that there is no obligation to attend meetings). However, if you wish to meet more or less often, this is not a problem. The key is to find a balance between group dynamics and a freely given personal investment.

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