The project

How did it all start ?

The 'green school project' was born in Berthelot, a Toulouse high school committed to its ecological transition and awarded the 2020 climate prize and the ecological certification 'E3D' label. For 3 years now, a small group of high school students -from the first to the final year- called 'Ecolycée Berthelot' has been trying to respond to the bio-climatic challenge at the high school level. We are implementing several actions to improve the school's ecological footprint and raise awareness among the eco-citizens of tomorrow. After being contacted by several high school students wondering how to launch the ecological transition in their school, we wanted to act on a larger scale by creating the green school site.

The concept

Well, it's a platform made available free of charge that allows all the high schools to share their actions to act at their own level by offering alternatives and concrete solutions to reduce their ecological impact! Thus, the objective is to create a real network of Ecolycées, to share our ideas, our projects, our difficulties and to manage together to act on a larger scale! 

A young network

Committed high school students, the green school project is for you, but it is also for all adults who are curious to know how high school students see the world of tomorrow, for administrations who wish to offer their students the opportunity to take action for their future! In short, it is no longer just the little Berthelot high school, but an ecological youth network!


We warmly thank Jacques Soulé and Julien Dulac of the Berthelot alumni association, without whom this project would not have been possible. 

Jacques Soulé raises funds for research on Charcot's disease, please don't hesitate to make a donation here.



I see high schools as places for education but also for experimentation. It is necessary to facilitate the development of high school ecological initiatives. 

Let's make high schools become ecological transition labs!

l'amicale des anciens élèves chargé des projets.

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