Hives at the highschool

 April 15, 2021

By  lycee Jules FIL 


Category: Biodiversity

Summary of the action:

Ecostudents wished to develop the highschool’s biodiversity by welcoming 2 bee hives.

Supervised by two amateur beekeeper professeurs, they took part in several activities : the hive assembling, the wood treatment, the embossment of the frames.

The follow-up of this mimi-beehouse will be carried out by the ecostudents supervised by a referent, alternately, once a week.

This project will be completed by a plantation of melliferous massifs.

The objectives:

Raise awareness among students and adults about the importance of the bee in the preservation of the plant biodiversity.

Involve students and adults in the follow-up and the regular maintenance of an animal species.

Insert the “bee” project in the re-vegetalisation plan of the unused green areas of the establishment.

Details  on the installation:

Select non-allergic youngsters and adults beforehand.

Surround yourself with competent and experienced people.

Put in place a course on the “life of the bee in the hive”.

Engage volunteers in the follow-up planning of the hives and stick to it.

Difficulty of the action from 1 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy): 2

lycee Jules FIL

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