BirdLab: bird watching 2.0

 April 7, 2021

By  Lycee Marcelin Berthelot 31 

  •  Biodiversity

  • - Understanding birds better- Helping researchers
  • First year students have learned how to use the app BirdLab with their biology teacher.
    In the schoolyard, 2 feeders have been installed following the protocol indicated in the application.
    High school students practice recognizing the 26 most common bird species on the smartphone app.

  • You can convince your biology teacher to set up the activity.
    You can also ask the administration to place 2 feeders in your yard and then communicate about it to get the students involved.
    To go further, you can make a nesting box and place it in a different place in the courtyard. See the article on this subject.

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Lycee Marcelin Berthelot 31

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