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Future actions

Webinar with François Taddei- Anniversaire Agenda 2030

Mardi 21th  September-05:15pm-LET

Actually we want to change the world, we want to be able to understand it, respect it, save it, and for that we have challenges to overcome.

With François Taddei, Lycées En Transitions invites you to discover how to better educate youth to overcome the challenges that will arise to change the world.

In addition, this conference will be based on the format of the inverted conference, that is to say that after having access to visual aids you will be able to ask all your questions to François Taddei and that these questions will serve as the subject.

!!! That content is only in french, the translation of the text isn't totally right.

Forum of  transitioning schools - Anniversaire Agenda 2030

Mercredi 22 Septembre-16h-LET

Come and speak about the ecological actions you have taken, the difficulties encountered, the solutions found and the methods of working in groups deployed to progress together!

Next, we will offer you the opportunity to take part in a joint ecological and social action, ‘Cabinet Opens!’. This project, whose keys we will give you will materialize by a large collection of clothes in your college/high school.

Thus, we will help you to create a partnership with an association to help the most disadvantaged, to raise awareness of the ecological impact of the “fast fashion” and at the same time to install a temporary thrift store in your school!  ‘Cabinet Opens!’ is scheduled for the end of October in several high schools in France and maybe all around the world.

To integrate the project, the second part of the forum will be dedicated to it. To join us, please visit on Wednesday 22/09.

Although our priority is to empower students, this forum is open to anyone interested!


!!! That content is mostly in french, the translation of the text isn't totally right.

Evènements à co-construire

Cabinet Open!


Project of awareness to the second hand, the gift of clothing and slow fashion, the idea is to make an action in several high schools on the same week.

!!! That content is mostly in french, the translation of the text or documents isn't totally right.

Evènements passés

Forum of  transitioning schools


We had a little talk with the network members.

Meeting with Mr Cassou

17 Mai 2021-LET

Meeting with Mr Cassou, member of the IPCC about the last report released in 2021. We were able to discuss our approach and the IPCC report that was not yet published.

Meeting with teachers at Raymond Naves high school

15 juin 2021-Lycée Berthelot

We were able to exchange with teachers from the Toulouse region to explain to them how to help set up a group of high school students in their school by leaving the hand to the high school students.

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