High school in the nude

 February 6, 2022

By  Lycee Marcelin Berthelot 31 

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Summary of the action:

Did you know that the clothing industry is the third most polluting industry in the world? Yet we only use 70 % of our wardrobe ! It’s from this paradox that the idea of “High school in the nude” was born. The aim is to do a clothing drive among the high schools of the Lycées en transition network to then distribute them to people in need. This initiative has an ecological goal but also a social one. Indeed, by emptying our wardrobes we not only allow people to dress without polluting but we also allow people in need to have access to clothes. Thus, 80 % of the collection will be the object of a donation to a supportive association of the high school’s region. The 20 % left will be the object of an internal redistribution in the high school. Thereby, we allow students to have access to second hand clothes but we can also raise awareness about the importance of fighting stereotypes linked to second hand clothes. 

The objectives:

The objective is first of all to mobilise students for this social action, in order to come to the aid of people in need. But this action also has as its objective to show youngsters the impact of their wardrobes on the environment and the destructive effect of their purchases. Thus, we offer them a new way of consuming and fighting stereotypes about second hand. 

Details on the installation:

Here are the steps of the action. Each one is detailed in the linked document:

  1. Choose the association to whom you want to donate. You can organise a vote or share the collect between several associations. The idea is that this association has a social goal, whether it’s providing clothes, recycling by giving a job to people that have a difficult access to the job market… Everything is possible !
  2. Present the project to your administration. Before this step, be clear on the running of your project, what you are asking for. You have to present a precise project and be ready to make compromises. You can ask the following questions for example:  where should it take place ?, who’s in charge ?, who takes responsibility ?, where to store the clothes ?…
  3. Persuade your administration. This is an essential step, you have to obtain the consent of your administration to carry out this action in your high school. Don’t hesitate to rely on a teacher or referent adult or even legislation (can be consulted on the linked document)
  4. Get in touch with your association. You can also do this before presenting your project to your administration to show that you have the support of an association
  5. Organise the collect and the redistribution, ensuring the sanitary protections are respected. To split the work, you can create different steps: one for the communication, one for the collection, one for the sorting,…
  6. Launch the communication (which is available in the linked document)
  7. Prepare the raising awareness communication for the redistribution day (also in the linked document)
  8. Sort the clothes. Choose the ones that fit students for the temporary thrift shop
  9. Send the rest of your collect to your chosen association
  10.  Organise the free thrift shop. We advise you to get in touch with other associations of your high school if you don’t have a room. Think of the cafeteria or the library that can be good places for the thrift shop
  11. Don’t hesitate to share your results ! How many clothes did you collect ? For which association ? We will share it on our social media !

Useful advice:

Carry out this action in a group and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask on the Lycées en Transition WhatsApp or on our instagram @lycéeentransition!

Difficulty of the action from 1 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy): 3

Lycee Marcelin Berthelot 31

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