Washable sanitary pads workshop

 July 14, 2022

By  Lycee Marcelin Berthelot 31 

Atelier serviettes hygieniques lavables

Categories:  Waste

Summary of the action:

Workshop to create washable sanitary pads with the help of sewing  machines.


Raise awareness among students about the impact of the waste created by disposable hygiene products.

Talk about periods (there were not only girls present at the workshop) and fight against the current awkwardness revealed at the mention of periods.

Learn how to make your own sanitary pads.

Details on the installation:

  1. We first got into contact with a tailor near our high school. We presented the project to her and we asked for her contribution.
  2. After her consent, we agreed on the time and date of the workshop as well as its organisation, meaning the number of students, if it would be a lecture or a real application, … 

For example, our tailor preferred a 2 hour workshop with 15 students rather experienced in the use of sewing machines.

  1. She then provided us with the needed material (sewing machines, patterns, fabric, etc). The material was taken care of by our high school so don’t forget to ask for the consent of your administration before the purchase of the fabric by your tailor. 
  2. After having spread the information via posters attached in your high school and social media, the students were able to sign up to the workshop (so that we could have an idea of the number of people).
  3. The workshop took place for 2h30 a wednesday afternoon with the creation of a pad for each student of the workshop. We were 12 students with 3 to 4 students that had no experience in sewing machines.
  4. Creation of a recap instagram post.

Useful advice:

  • Communicate regularly with your tailor to set the dates effectively, adjust the possible constraints, etc.
  • Find a room with electrical sockets for the sewing machines
  • Cut out in advance allt eh fabric using the patterns because it is the longest and least interesting step


  • The pattern and the poster :

Link towards  the poster: 


Difficulty: 4

=> the most difficult thing was to find a seamstress and common availability, making the towels themselves was not hard.

Lycee Marcelin Berthelot 31

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